The next edu-revolution*: Textbooks!

Though the title’s a little tongue-in-cheek (to say the least) what can good textbooks offer us right now?


Each time I post something positive on twitter about textbooks, I get a strongly positive response.  Now more than ever, with people talking about studying at home and the  very real challenges and impact of the digital divide, it seems such a desperate and unnecessary state of affairs that textbooks have seen such a decline in status.   I can’t help but imagine how much better and easier things would be for teachers and students if, right now:

  1. it was just normal that students had a decent textbook for each of their subjects – as appropriate to the discipline – at home and
  2. that, through practice and training, they were confident using them.

The benefits of having a decent textbook are countless.  I will list some but, first, some necessary caveats:

  • I have to say ‘decent textbook’ – because someone always pipes up that ‘most textbooks are crap’ – as…

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