COVID-19 academic losses: Predictions and recommendations

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More than 55 million students in the U.S. are not in school due to COVID-19, and many won’t return until fall. Knowing what academic losses to expect can help teachers and administrators better plan for students’ return. Using summer learning loss data as a reference, The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) has released a report, The COVID-19 slide: What summer learning loss can tell us about the potential impact of school closures on student academic achievement.

Megan Kuhfeld and Beth Tarasawa at NWEA examined a national sample of more than 5 million 3rd-8th graders who took the 2017-18 Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment, which tracks academic growth and is aligned to the Common Core Standards. They used typical summer learning loss rates to predict potential COVID-19 learning loss rates. Results showed that students are projected to return in the fall with 70% of the expected…

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